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Page css style disappeared in Orchestrator Configuration

Hey all,

I am new to vCO and JSP. Now I am coding a config page on that user can upload files.

The code looks like:

<s:form action="SaveInstance" method="POST" validate="true"  enctype="multipart/form-data" onsubmit="return checkAddress();">

     <input type="file" name="filename" value="file.name" />



     <td><s:submit type="input" name="submitButton"

       key="save.button" />

      <s:submit type="input" name="submitButton" value="Cancel"

       onclick="javascript:cancelForm('click')" />




     <s:hidden name="onCancelClicked" value="" />


function cancelForm(fieldVal) {

  document.forms[0].onCancelClicked.value = fieldVal;


When clicking the "Cancel" or "Save" button, page will navigate back.

Action class:

if ((this.onCancelClicked != null)

      && (this.onCancelClicked.equals("click"))) {

     return "cancel";


However when navigating back, the destination page css style is disappeared.

The url changes from https://myip/config_general/General.action to https://myip/myplugin/SaveInstance.action.


Below is the correct screenshot as expected. Note that the left function selection is disappeared either.


I trid to remove enctype="multipart/form-data" from the form tag, and the page style was back, but upload function cannot work.

I am appreciated if anybody has the idea of this problem.

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