Orchestrator with Nexus 1000v

Has anyone leveraged Orchestrator with Nexus 1000v. I was researching workflow integrations and it appears that nexus 1000v has REST capabilities now. I was wondering if it is possible to hook the APIs of the VSM with orchestrator and design workflows.

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I have planned to test out Nexus 1000v orchestration with vCO but haven't had time to explore that yet. Anyhow RESTful services are really easy to use with vCO, you just need target system REST API documentation and you are good to go.

You could also use Rancid http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid/ and clogin http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid/man/elogin.1.html to access Nexus 1000v CLI from vCO.

For examples on how to use REST API with vCO see my blog posts about VXLAN provisioning



Tomi http://v-reality.info
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In case anyone is looking for some resources for this, I found the following Cisco blog post very helpful:


I've been able to implement vCO workflows that create a VLAN and a port profile, however I've hit a snag when attempting to add a VLAN to the system-uplink Switchport Trunk VLANs, as the API requires an array of numbers, however it appears that the API cannot properly read in an array from JSON input.

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I am trying also to add Nexus 1000V as a REST host in my VCO. But i got two errors.

First step is to add the Nexus's SSL certificate into VCO, i tried to add by:

- Network / ssl trust manager : Seems OK

- And by workflow Manage SSL Certificates : NOK

[2015-04-24 08:56:16.567] [I] url:

[2015-04-24 08:56:16.568] [E] Provided url is invalid 'X.X.X.X'

[2015-04-24 08:56:16.569] [I] Certificate information: null

[2015-04-24 08:56:16.596] [I] Certificate info is null, not an HTTPS

Second step is to add a REST host:

I still got an error about the certificate:

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.036] [I] url:

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.037] [E] Provided url is invalid ''

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.037] [I] Certificate information: null

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.061] [I] Certificate info is null, not an HTTPS

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.135] [I] REST host: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTHost]-[class com.vmware.o11n.plugin.rest.RESTHost] -- VALUE : com.vmware.o11n.plugin.rest.RESTHost@63286e07

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.136] [I] REST host authentication: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTAuthentication]-[class com.vmware.o11n.plugin.rest.Authentication] -- VALUE : Basic: username = admin, password = ******

[2015-04-24 08:53:53.553] [I] REST host added: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTHost]-[class com.vmware.o11n.plugin.rest.RESTHost] -- VALUE : com.vmware.o11n.plugin.rest.RESTHost@504a70a9*

The self auto signed certficate is delivered to www.cisco.com/go/1000V , not corresponding to my nexus's hostname.

I don't find any informations about how to add a nexus 1000V host into VCO except the URL above. And also anything about the errors above.

Someone have an idea ?

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