Orchestrator Template Selection not working

Hi *,

I am a little bit confused. At the moment I try setting up a self-provisioning portal for virtual machines. Unfortunately I am not able to let a user select a predefined list of VM-Templates. I did the following:

1. Created an Attribute OSList with type of Array/VC:VirtualMachine

2. Added 3 Values from a connected VCenter Subfolder (Template folder) to this Attribute

3. Created an input parameter of type VC:VirtualMachine

4. Added presentation property "Predefined List of Elements" and entered #OSList as List

When I run the workflow as Administrator, everything works fine, but however when I run as user from the request group, the predefined list is empty!!! Why???

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Hey there,

If you chose the "per user" option when you ran the "Add vCenter"  workflow, I guess you can start by checking the permission of the user in vCenter

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