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Orchestrator 5.1.1 does not save alternate DNS server setting

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this.  When setting up 5.1.1 I enter in my network settings / dns settings and it saves the network settings but after a reboot of the appliance the alternate DNS entry always disappears? Anyway around this with the Orchestrator appliance?

Also another problem has creeped up that did not show in the test installation.

Even with the DNS issue, I am able to get everything up and running, however the default Weboperator webview/plugin does not show up in the client interface.  It just isn't listed in the web view so I can't publish it.  I have tried to remove it/re-install it then reload all the plugins.  Reset the server, you name it but I can't get this to show.  Any idea's on this problem would also be greatly appricated

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