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Mount CD-ROM Workflow in Orchestrator v8


I am trying to utilize the out of the box Mount CD-ROM workflow in Orchestrator.  I have found that the workflow will only work with VMs that are powered on if the attached cd-rom is set to IDE0.  If IDE0 is not found, the workflow tries to add an additional CD-ROM, but fails if the vm is powered on.  I have tried changing the workflow to look for IDE1 instead of IDE0 as all of our vms are set up with IDE1, but the workflow then times-out when trying to attach the ISO to the attached cd-rom.  I am not too sure what else I am missing in the workflow that would need to be changed.  I worked with support, but have now been told that I would need to request SDK support.  It would be nice to see if anyone out here would be able to help rather than trying to open another case with another group that I don't even know if we have support with.

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