Monitoring POST Provisioning vRO workflow execution Step by Step within components in multi instance/ multi machine blueprints

Hi All,

I face a difficulty regarding a Use Case mentioned below and seek you help  -


I have to monitor workflow stages of different components of a Multi-instance ,Multi-Machine Blueprint.

The workflow is subscribed at the POST provisioning phase and contains various stages (different workflows stitched within master workflows.


I have a Multi-instance ,Multi-Machine Blueprint wherein different workflows (developed within orchestrator - vRO ) are subscribed via EBS. 

The Workflow in vRO contains stages (say 10 more child workflows ).

The subscriptions are applied to Component ID of various components within blueprints. Different Components call different vRO workflows.


The blueprint have a Windows and a Linux component with  2 instances  for each component .

The instances and components can vary.

Thanks in advance....

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