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Load Balanced PSC Help Needed

Hey all, I'm running into an issue that I believe is being caused by my PSC HA setup. I have a single node vRO appliance running as a standalone with vSphere authentication as the provider.  However, since my vSphere environment uses PSCs behind a load balancer I feel like I need to update the load balancer to allow specific application profiles.

The issues is that the vRO appliances seems to panic and force itself into STANDBY mode over and over until it eventually tells itself that it can't go from STANDBY to STANDBY and restarts the service.  I believe this is related to the authentication provider (i.e. PSCs).  It's a very simple vsphere.local administrator setup so the configuration seems right in vRO.

Does anyone know what the application profiles updates might need to be or have any thoughts?  TIA!

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