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Issues using vRO to set permissions in vCenter 6.0U1b

Hello Guys,

I installed a vCenter 6.0U1b appliance and a vRO 6.0.3 appliance using both the PSC (SSO) authentication (Active Directoryy integrated). Our domain is formated as follow: subdom.domain.com.

If I manage permissions with the vCenter Web Client console, I'm able to supply the AD account principal using the following syntax: subdom.domain.com\username. And the permissions are working fine (Web Client and vSphere Client).

In case I use vCenter API through Orchestrator vCenter Plugin the permissions are always set with the form subdom\username, and thanks to vCenter 6 Web Console, the object is not available for the user (but still available with the vSphere "old school" Client)

Are someone else aware of this issue and maybe (I hope so Smiley Happy ) a workaround already exists?

Thanks for your help.


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