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How to give multiple icons to a specific model for different relaters to be displayed under inventory tab?

Hi, I am using model driven approach for vRO. I am facing issue in giving multiple icon to one model . I want to use two different icons(to be displayed under inventory tab) for single model wrapped in mapping file. So that this single wrapping can be used for different relaters. Eg : car model will be wrapped to some finder and then we can give it icon using withIcon() method as wrap(car.class).andFind().using(carFinder.class).withIcon("car.png"). But if we want to relate this with relater then we will relate as relate(carSedanFolder.class).to(car.class).using(carSedanFolderHasSedanCar.class) and for other  relate(carHatchBackFolder.class).to(car.class).using(carHatchBackFolderHasHatchBackCar.class). This works fine but if we want to give separate icons for hatchback and sedan car then how to do that? Since it gives error to wrap same class two times. Please suggest.

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