Difficulties calling actions from the Input Form in 8.01

Hello again,

Sorry for the length of this post, and sorry if it seems a bit convoluted.

I've been fighting with this for the better part of the day and I can't tell if this is a bug or if I am just a moron.

Maybe both.

I have created a Variable of type VC:ClusterComputeResource which has a static value of one of our clusters.

I have an input form with a Value Picker of type VC:HostSystem.

From the Values tab, I have set Value Options to "external source" and selected 'getAllHostSystemsOfCluster"

If I set the action input to "Field" and select my 'cluster' variable, it works.


Then I want to select a random host from that cluster and set it as the default value.

So, I call an action I created to return a random host from a given cluster.

I set the Action input to Field, and select the variable 'cluster'.

In the Orchestrator HTML5 web-page it works great. Selects my host, and everything is good.

however, In the vSphere UI html5 beta plugin (i know its beta) I get an error message saying that the data cannot be retrieved. Field 'cluster' is not found.

So, I go back and set the Action Input of my Value fields from "field" to "constant", and I just select the cluster I want to use.

Then when I run it from the orchestrator html5 page, I get an error saying 'cluster mandatory input is not defined'.

So it seems the value is not being passed to the action input.

The only way I can get it to work in the orchestrator client is to set both the "Default" and "Value Options" action inputs to "field", and select my variable.

Setting them to constant doesn't work in the orchestrator client.

But even when it does work in the orchestrator client, it is broken when I run the workflow from vSphere plugin.

Am I doing something incorrectly, or am I running up against bugs in both the orchestrator client AND the beta plugin?

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