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Custom VM Properties

I'm very new to vRO and I am tasked with a few objectives for automating the build of new VMs, I have successfully built a RunBook for a new VM but I have a couple other objective that im not having any luck with.

1. Need to assign the network properties after VM starts. The IDEAL method would be pulling an IP from SWinds IPAM, but manual IP from captured user input would also be acceptable in the interim while we try to build a case to get vRA

2. Computer Name - I need to check the VM structure or AD for the next available name in the sequence. For instance, our IIS servers are named TR01VDSIIS001, TR01VDSIIS002, 003, 004 etc.

3. Join our domain and the place the computer in an OU ( I already have the AD module connected, I just dont know how to get the results of the build workflow to perform the AD parts)

Ive spent a few hours on this so far but to no avail...some help would he GREATLY appreciated


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