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Create VMs with variable customer names


I've just recently started with vRealize Orchestrator, and currently i'm planning on migrating our workflows (mostly PowerShell) from System Center Orchestrator to vRealize Orchestrator.

We are a company which deploy custom build private hosted environments hosted on our vSphere 6 platform.

Most of these environments are set up the same so we would like to automate the steps as much as possible.

The thing we want to achieve is really simple:

- We want to deploy 14 servers per private hosted environment.

- VM names are always the same (except for the prefix which is a 4 character customer name) ....-DC01; ....-DC02; ....-APP01; ....-SP01; ....EXCH01; etc.

- The VMs need to be connected to a new Port Group with an own vLAN number.

The ideal situation would be:

- Our IT professionals log in to the vRO portal / vRO website.

- They enter the customer 4 character name prefix.

- They enter the names of the 3 Port Groups that need to be created (same for every environment, only difference is the 4 character customer prefix) ....-LAN; ....-DMZext; ....-DMZint

- They enter the first three network IP octets (the VMs always have the same last IP digit, only the first three octets are different per private hosted environment).

- The 14 VMs are being deployed with the customer name prefix, customer port groups and networking.

The rest of the configurations, AD, software installations, etc. are being configured with remote PowerShell after the VM deployment step(s).

Can anybody help me with the way to configure this?

Thanks in advance!

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Everything you have outlined should be able to be mostly done with out of the box workflows that you can find in the Library section in the vRO client under vCenter. I would look at each of your steps individually and find the corresponding library workflow and string them together in a single workflow to get the output you are looking for.

This should be fairly straight forward for someone that knows Orchestrator but since you mentioned you are a beginner I would look around for some tutorials and maybe check out this book. If you are in a time crunch you may want to engage a professional services organization to get the work done (VMware or otherwise).

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