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Connect VRO 8.6.1 to VCenter 7.0 U3 as authentication source


I have a strange behavior when I try to connect my VRO appliance to my VCenter.

At first, you need to know that I use ActiveDirectory (WIA) as an authentication method to access the Vcenter.

Anyway, I can successfully connect the appliance to VCenter. But when I try to specify an admin group, all the groups I should get from my WIA authentication method are missing. Only local ones and vsphere.local ones are listed.

I've changed my tenant in order to reflect what is configured in my VCenter (Let say mydomain.local). Still fails.

As a final check, i let mydomain.local as tenant, and just type A as a search criteria.
Every group returned is either localos\<group> or vsphere.local\group.

It seems that Active Directory Windows Integrated will be deprecated in a future release. Can I assume that Orchestrator is one step ahead, and already ignores my custom tenant ?

Thanks for your help


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