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Composite Types in vRo 8.4


I have created a workflow that contains an input parameter of type Composite and it's name is inputCmd,

My composite type (inputCmd) includes 5 fields:

1-GroupName      2-UserName      3-UserId      4-path     5-homeDirectory

to run the workflow I call the workflow RestAPI from an external application and pass the parameters through XML and everything works fine. Now I want to add some more fields to the predefined composite type (inputCmd), I looked almost everywhere but I could not find a way to extend and add some new fields to the composite type. The only thing I could understand is that I have to create a new composite type and add (all old fields + new fields) and map it to my input parameters and there is no way to extend the current composite type. 

It's fine for parameters include a few fields, but for complex parameters that might include 20 fields, it's not logical to create new type and all (20 + (for example 1)) fields!

It's so important to me to implement the best practice, Can anyone help me?


Thank you

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