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Can't retrieve subobjects from inventory


I'm working on a custom plugin for VRO (https://github.com/nuagenetworks/vspk-vro). Up until VRO 7.4, when ever we invoked a workflow that would add an object into the inventory, we could retrieve sub-objects from there. For example, I have a "Add Session" workflow that creates a VSPKSession and adds it in the inventory. That object has a "getMe()" method that returns a "Me" object. on 7.4, we could click on the "VSPKSession" instance and click on its child "Me" object.

This is no longer the case on 8.6.2. Now I can only view the VSPKSession and have no access to its child objects.

I'm running out of ideas as to why this might be the case. Can anyone give me a few leads on what could be causing that?

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