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Action is listing 3 results when there should only be one.

Hello and thanks for helping.


Some quick background. We are running a 7.3 environment. We built a 7.6 environment, to migrate over to. So, we built that, and we used the Migrate function in the vra/vro 7.6 appliance to migrate the 7.3 information over to the 7.6. That Migrate function itself seemed to work ok but we are running into some bugs as we test and validate.

In this case, as one part of a XaaS blueprint, its runs a workflow that lists the available blueprints so that the user can choose one, or many.

That action to list those blueprints is attached to this post.

The problem is , that it’s listing them 3 times, and not listing all of them either.

Any ideas on how to fix this? This works fine in 7.3

Im wondering if they are ‘duplicated’ in a DB somewhere but so far ive been unable to track that down where to confirm it.

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