Accessing OS properties with Orchestrator

I'd like to see if Orchestrator can be used to do the following:

Import a list of VMs from a csv.  For each VM, assuming they are powered on with tools installed, get the following information:

  • OS Hostname from inside the OS
  • OS fully qualified DNS domain name
  • IP address
  • AD domain that the OS guest is joined to (Windows guests only)
  • OS version
  • DNS Servers that the OS is configured to use
  • WINS Servers that the OS is configured to use (Windows Only)


Then get this info from vCenter on the VM:

  •         Cluster name the VM is in
  •         Resource Pool the VM is in
  •         Folder the VM is in

Can this be done in Orchestrator?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes this can be done.

There are some threads here that will help you with reading the csv, getting a vm by name, getting info on vm, use guest operation to run a script in the vm.

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Accessing OS properties with Orchestrator

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