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vRops Licensing for Horizon Deployment

I recently purchased Horizon Enterprise 7 (CCU) for 200+ VMs which comes with "vRealize Adaptor For Horizon". In order to make use of the "vRealize Adaptor For Horizon" component. I downloaded and installed the vRops Operations Manager.

Now I have 1 x "vRealize Operations 6 Manager for Horizon" license for 22 VMs that i presume also came with the Horizon Enterprise purchase.

My Question: If I have 6 hosts , with 200+ Instant Clone VMs being managed by a single vCenter appliance. How would the vRops licensing work? 

If i apply my "vRealize Operations 6 Manager for Horizon" license to my vROPs Operations Manager Appliance, and then add the "vRealize Adaptor For Horizon" component to the Operations Manager Appliance. Will i be able to monitor and report on my single vcenter, the 6 hosts and the 200+ VMs?

If i need to add any more information please let me know.

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