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vRA Approval Policy based on vCenter endpoint

Hello, my first time posting here. We are running vRA 7.4 connected to 3 separate vCenter endpoints. For each VM OS, we have 2 different blueprints. 1 blueprint for the test vSphere cluster in our test bed and 1 blueprint that allows the user to choose one of the two other production vSphere clusters/endpoints. For the test bed blueprint OS, we do not require a pre-approval. In the 2 production clusters/endpoints, we require a pre-approval. Instead of having 2 different blueprints, I was hoping to have 1 blueprint for all 3 endpoints. A pre-approval policy would state an approval is required if a user selects one of the production endpoints but approval would not be required if the user chooses the test bed endpoint. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.

Please note: I use vCenter endpoints and datacenter locations interchangeably. Sorry if that is confusing.

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