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vRA 8.9 onPrem ABX PowerShell MS SQL db open connection slow

Hello all,

When using ABX with PowerShell, opening a database connection always takes ~15 seconds, which is about 14 seconds too long for me. 🙂 If the connection is open data reading, writing etc. is fast.

Use case: Additional meta information should be visible at the deployment. This information comes as input from the user or contains usage data (which cloud template used, creation and deletion date, ...). All this data should also be stored in a database to create usage statistics.

Therefore the idea is to realize this with an ABX based custom resource. Here the advantage would be that the creation and destruction of a deployment could be written to the database via the CRUD lifecycle actions of the custom resource. Also the object of the custom resource appears in the deployment for the users.
In case of need we can also implement this via Orchestrator based workflows, but then have the objects floating around in the Orchestrator. Besides, this seems to be more complex for our use case than using ABX.

I tested the ABX action via a ZIP with PS module "SqlServer", as well as natively via .NET objects.
I attach my script with .NET objects, executing the "test" function .
Both variants take 15 seconds to open the database connection.

The script with .NET objects is attached.

I would be glad about help or a hint
Thanks and greetings

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