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vRA 8.8 - Add Disk - Which datastore will be used?

We have a couple of older vCenters with multiple clusters, no storage polices, each cluster has its own datastores (not shared so cluster 1 does not see cluster 2's storage etc. Have tagging set up to ensure that net new provisioning gets on the right datastore that is on the cluster that will get selected for the compute. So manual work each time we need to change the 'primary' cluster to provision new deployments. vRA 7.6 equivalent we just changed the priority on the reservations. 

However, for a Disk Add action when the 'keep with vm folder' is selected will that automatically target the same datastore where the primary vmdk is or will it try to do a fresh match of the constraint tags on the cloud template used to do the initial provisioning?

Asking because we are getting Add Disk errors for one of the cloud accounts. The deployment is not on the current 'primary' cluster so trying to track down if there is a permissions issue in vCenter or if the Add Disk is trying to add the disk to the datastore over in the current 'primary' cluster. 

Have tried looking at the provisioning diagram json from the failed disk add but cannot determine which datastore it is attempting to use. 

Storage placement has been the biggest pain point so far with moving over to 8.x

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