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vRA 8.7 - How to Set Icon of Onboarded Deployment?

Edit: For anyone who is also wondering about this, the quickest solution I’ve found is to update the deployment via deployment API after onboarding. 

To easily get the icon ID either:

1) First, manually change the icon of a deployment by uploading or use a previously uploaded icon. The icon ID can then be viewed in the deployment request history. 

2) Get the icon ID from the deployment API GET response of a deployment you know has the icon you’d like to use. (There’s probably multiple items and APIs you could get the icon ID from like this)


Hi I'm wondering how to change the icon in a vRO workflow after importing using the onboarding APIs.

I successfully onboard a machine and set the deployment name. It seems the best way to accomplish via APIs would be to use the update deployment API, PATCH /deployment/api/deployments/{deploymentId}. I see in the model of this API, there is 

"iconId": "string",

which seems to be where I should specify an icon ID. 

To me the next logical step would be to utilize the POST /icon/api/icons API to upload an icon and then hopefully get the icon ID from the successful 201 response, since GET /icon/api/icons/{id} requires knowledge of the icon ID. 

My questions:

1) How do I use POST /icon/api/icons using the VraGenericRestClient (vRA REST Plugin) when it seems the content type needs to be "multipart/form-data" and the vRA REST plugin needs stringified JSON? How do I specify the icon in the request payload? (API explorer details below)

Method to create HTTP rest Request. It holds parameter (HTTP Method (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE/PATCH), Resource Path URI, Request Payload (Stringified JSON)).


2) How do I get icons using the GET icons API without already knowing or being able to access the icon ID? I've used icons as vRO resources but thinking I can't use those in this situation? 

3) If my thinking/methods are off, what is the most straight forward way to set the icon of a deployment within a vRO workflow (not a curl command on the appliance)


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Did you find a solution? I am especially interested in uploading an icon (POST /icon/api/icons).

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