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vRA 8.10 - subscription event does not wait for workflow to finish

I need to run a script on a 3rd party system, when a vRA8-provisioned vm is deleted. The script needs the mac address of the vm - it grabs the subscription payload (inputProperties), loads associated resources associated with the deployments and grabs the mac addresses from the proeprties.networks.mac_address attributes.

I have created a subscription for the "compute.removal.pre" event topic which is supposed to be "Fired before a compute resource is being destroyed".

When triggered however, in about 1/3 cases, the vm is no longer there for the mac addresses to be read, and the subscripted workflow fails.

Setting the "Timeout" value in the subscription to >0 minutes does not change anything.

I have specifically set the event option to "pre", so that the required data can be queried, before the resource is removed.

Is there a way to force vRA to wait until the vRO workflow is finished?


Edit: When the subscribed workflow fails, the Deyploemnt Deletion fails too. When querying the resource at this state using 

/deployment/api/resources/{id}, the network configuration does not contain mac_adresses, however in the topology gui those are still listed.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Is the subscription set to blocking?  In theory, I think that would require it to finish before moving on to the next topic (or vm deletion)....assuming this isn't a vra bug.

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