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vRA 7.6 - Add tag\attribute to VM during custom naming (multiple instances)

Hi, I'm trying to add deploymentID (__Cafe.Root.Request.Id) attribute to a vm after a custom naming workflow has completed.

Depending on the type of deployment ie when "cluster build" has been selected in the custom form, the deploymentID of the previous instance needs to be read to determine if additional characters are added to the next vm's name during its custom naming workflow.

I have the process of writing the attribute covered, but I'm having problems with the timing of the execution.

The vm object needs to be created in vcentre before I can write the attribute, but I don't want to wait until VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine or CloneWorkflow.CloneMachine has completed.  It would mean holding up the custom naming workflows for the other instances in the deployment.  I want to add the attribute as soon as the vm has been created.

Any ideas?  There maybe a different way of achieving this all together!


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