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vRA 7.4 - Custom Forms Data Grid


I am playing around with the Data Grid in the New Custom forms Designer - more precisely with the "disks" Grid. What I found so far:

  • Adding the Grid to the Forms I got this Error:

Schema fields [[is_clone, initial_location, volumeId, id, label, custom_properties, userCreated, storage_reservation_policy, capacity]] should match the default value fields [[is_clone, initial_location, volumeId, id, label, userCreated, storage_reservation_policy, capacity]].

Cause: there is no "custom_properties" Field in the Grid Layout

Solution: Look at the "Default" Value and remove the "custom_properties," from the Header and the "," bevor the capacity - in my case before the "80":


true,,0,1525072814859,Hard disk 1,,false,,80


true,,0,1525072814859,Hard disk 1,,false,80

  • Using the "disks" Grid "breaks" any approval Policies based on Storage Size

Cause: If you add more disks to the Grid the Value of "Storage (GB)" will not be incremented

Solution: Well... its more a workaround since I have not found a way to pass the Values of a Data Grid to an vRO Action. I created a vRO Action which fills the "disks" Grid based on Values in the Custom Form (the size of the template base disks are Hardcoded):




  • If you use an external vRO Action for the Grid Values the Return type of the Action must be "Array/Properties". In my Case the Action was not found if I use this return Type.

Cause: Bug?

Workaround: I changed the Return Type to "Array/String" and the Action was found in vRA. After I changed the Values Binding in the Custom Form, Saved the Blueprint and corrected the Return Type of the Action to Array/Properties.

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Hi guys,

It's working fine for me, first disk with ID 0 for my template display correct values but when one of my workflow is launched on PRE VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Requested event, if I check the payload the value is incorrect : VirtualMachine.Disk0.IsClone=false

This case occurs with a Windows 2016 template in clone mode.

And the worst, I see this problem with Blueprints without custom form activated (old school table for disks)..

But still with the same template.

Does someone has the same problem with vRA 7.5 ?

Another Blueprint for Linux machines with a RHEL7 template is fine (without Custom Form).


Thanks for checking on your end, the storage field still does not update.  We ended up putting a SR into VMware and they basically confirmed its a bug in the custom forms (if you look at the history of the request inputs it actually does update the field since the history only shows the old style forms). 

We ended up just having to work around it, not a pretty solution at all.  The disk grid has caused us nothing but headaches so far.

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Hi tchristin

could you please explain how did you overcome the problem of read-only on storage field, to use computed values as explained in the solution ?

Im also on vRA 7.5


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Robert. I tried to use the "Disk" datagrid like you said, but I'm unable to specify information about the original disks from my template (I would like to choose the storage reservation policy). Instead, when I'm putting information for my 2 disks that should already be in my template, it is creating 2 new disk to the provisonned VM...

Have you encountered this before ?

I'm on vRA 7.6

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