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Working with Custom Dynamic Types in Scriptable Task vRO 8.3

Hi to everyone.

I defined my custom dynamic type testType1 (with properties prop1 and prop2) in namespace testNs. Then I want to create object of that type using DynamicTypesManager.makeObject in workflow scriptable task step. 

After that I CAN set and get properties via setProperty|getProperty, but I actually CAN NOT return this object as an output variable in the scripting task. Also I CAN NOT get this object via DynamicTypesManager.getObject -  it returns null.
Can you please help me to understand what I am doing wrong, and how can I create dynamic object properly to return in from scriptable task and to be able to find it viw getObject method? 
Here is my example:
//I'm creating new object of a type 'testType1' 
var tstObject = DynamicTypesManager.makeObject("testNs""testType1""id1""xx1", [{"prop1""val1"}]);
//this is working
 var_1 = tstObject.id;
 var_0 = tstObject.getProperty("prop2");
//this is returning non-defined object - is not working
 dynObject = tstObject;
//this cause an error because getObject returns null
var_Dyn =   DynamicTypesManager.getObject("testNs", "testType1", "id1").getProperty("prop2");
P.S. I'm sorry in advance for my English - I can make some mistakes.
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Were you able to get this figured out?  I am stuck in the exact same place!  I cannot get the object for the return variable.

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