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VmWare Orchestrator and VirtualBox

Hi Smiley Happy

I need to run VmWare Orchestrator for a uni project in order to create a couple of workflows.Now, I was looking for a free virtualisation platform to run the .ova on and chose VirtualBox for my Mac (Mojave). Then i imported the .ova file as described online and tried to start the Orchestrator.

Everything seemed to be working fine until it repeatedly said: "sleeping 10 second for vro to start fully..." again and again.

Unfortunately, I did not find anything online on this issue. The Base Memory and Processor amount should be enough according to the VMWare homepage.

Do I need to complete some additional configuration before running VmWare Orchestrator? I am just looking for a simple setup in order to complete the workflows.

Really appreciating any kind of help, thank you guys!

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