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VRA Custom Resource - DynamicType Object

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a VRA cloud template that will trigger VRO workflow using Custom Resource (or any other alternative).

it looks like CustomResource has lifecycle states and in order to pass data from 'create' function to 'update\delete' we must store the parameters in DynamicType object in VRO SDK (my stored data will be unique).

1. Is there an alternative of using DynamicType object?
2. Is there a way to create a VRA template that will call VRO workflow without the need for custom resource?, if so, how would I manage the states (create\update\delete) ?
3. Is there a way to pre-populate the VRA input parameters?, in case of not using VRA Custom Resource lifecycle?
4. If there is no alternative of using DynamicType Object, how to easily create them?, read\write data in it?


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First let me start by saying Dynamic Object Types can end up being your new BFF.  Look at Dynamic Types like this.  In vRO you have known objects like AD:User and vRA understands what an AD:User is and with that understanding vRA and vRO can operate on those objects, and all the properties with out a problem.  Dynamic Objects come into play with there is not Object that vRA and vRO can understand and operate against.  In a past project, We had a blueprint to deploy different kind of websites.  I created a dynamic object for the website, populate the properties for the website and once done I was able to query / search for the website objects in both vRA and vRO.  Take a look at this post and see if this helps - https://vnuggets.com/2018/09/03/dynamic-types/

Yes you can use other methods to accomplish what you can do with Dynamic Types by using EBS subscriptions for the lifecycle events but the Dynamic Object is the better what to accomplish that IMHO.



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