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Unable to create two on-demand network on the same cloud template

I am trying to replicate a cloud template which worked on VRA7 and also this was working on earlier versions of vra 8.

The cloud VM template is made up of:

One 'JumpBox' that is connected to all three networks

One existing network that links into a network profile and has the existing network added and tagged with network:vlabTest

Two outbound on-demand networks that link into separate network profiles but are set up in the same way they have the capability tag network.profile:vLabPrivateNet 1 and 2.

The two separate on-demand networks profiles have the existing network (tagged with network:vlabTest) added but the network policies have been updated with the following, information:

Network Policies

Isolation policy: - On-demand network

Network Resources

External Network: External_Network_2 (This is another existing network created that provides isolation to internal Private networks)

IP Address Management

Source: Internal

CIDR:    (PrivateNet1) (PrivateNet2)

Subnet Size: /24

IP range Assignment: Static


When I do deployment with just the existing network and one of the on-demand networks by themselves the deployment works fine, however when I try creating a deployment with two internal networks I get the following error  under machine provisioning in the provisioning diagram:


 Request: JumpBox

Error: [Unable to create network resources for machine JumpBox : com.vmware.xenon.common.LocalizableValidationException: No network profile could be selected for on-demand network [vLab-Private_Net_1-0088], none of the allocated network profiles for the compute resource(s) match the list of previously allocated network profiles for the compute network]


The expected outcome is that the two Private/internal on-demand networks each has a network segment with the subnet specified as per the CIDR connected to a T-1  Gateway with a SNAT Rule in place that takes an IP from the Externasl_Network_2 Network specified in the in Network Profile > Network Resources > External Network.

YAML of cloud template:

inputs: {}
#Jumpbox Node
type: Cloud.vSphere.Machine
image: vLab RHEL 8.2 Jumpbox
cpuCount: 2
totalMemoryMB: 4092
- network: ${resource.Private_Net_1.id}
assignment: static
- network: ${resource.Private_Net_2.id}
assignment: static
Cloud_NSX_Existing Network:
type: Cloud.NSX.Network
networkType: existing
- tag: network:vlabTest
#Internal ON Demand Networks
type: Cloud.NSX.Network
networkType: outbound
- tag: network.profile:vLABPrivateNet1
type: Cloud.NSX.Network
networkType: outbound
- tag: network.profile:vLABPrivateNet2


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