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Unable to add advanced services endpoint


Using vRealize Automation 6.2.2 and an externally configured vRealize Orchestrator.

Everything configured fine. Able to use vRealize Automation without any issues. Able to use vRealize Orchestrator without issues. Have all plugins installed.

Attempts to add Endpoints from Administration > Endpoints do not succeed whichever plugin is chosen. After selecting the plugin and choosing next and then adding a name and description the Details page shows a spinning circle which never resolves.

Within Advanced services adding a service blueprint also fails. The orchestrator browser does not open up to display the workflow hirearchy?

All this despite a perfectly functional external orchestrator configured fine and tested fine. IaaS deployments which use Orchestrator configurations all function as expected. All Orchestrator workflows function perfectly. Nothing is logged. Using the embedded Orchestrator makes no difference. Authentication for Orchestrator is via vSphere 6.0 PSC. This functions perfectly.

Any ideas appreciated!


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