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Terraform in VRA SaaS - Provider Alias

Hello all,

I am trying to deploy terraform configurations in vra, using blueprints that build resources in multiple subscriptions in azure. Attempting to use provider alias's for this purpose in my terraform configuration has proven unsuccessful. Even when I hardcode the deployment blueprint to two distinct cloud zones (with distinct subscriptions) under the providers argument of the blueprint, it is still unable to authenticate to multiple subscriptions. Example below

provider azurerm {alias = a}

provider azurerm {alias = b}

resource 1 {provider =azurerm.a}

resource 2 {provider =auzurerm.b}

I can execute the proper permissions running terraform locally or remotely, just not through the vra deployment blueprint. I think it may have something to do with the dynamic provider credentialing performed during the assignment of the cloud zone for a given resource, but I am really just guessing. If anyone has managed to use VRA to deploy a terraform configuration with alias providers in multiple azure subscriptions please drop a comment. Thank you 🙂

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