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Small python vra library

Hi VMWare communities,

It's my first post and i'd just like to share a small python library for vRa i did. It is called vra_sdk

Since it quite documented, i'm not going to expand myself about it. His mains features are the following:

  • Automatic payload creation for vRa6 and vRa7
  • Automatic catalog/entitlement management
  • List resources
  • Get data on a specific resource
  • For list/get, allow to get the raw vRa response or a more user friendly response
  • Request a catalog item
  • Request a resource action
  • Easyly handle any vRa resource type (even dynamic type)

It can be quite useful for you scripting needs or if you need a small library for your app.

If you have any ideas/evolutions request/bug/documentation errors, don't hesitate to do a PR or just to communicate with me, i'll try to do it in best effort (there's already a todo list in the repo)

Here's the link to the project, the documentation is in the readme:

GitHub - richarddevers/vra_sdk: Python library to facilitate interaction with the VMWare vRa rest ap...

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Nice work. Have you considered putting something on {code}? code.vmware.com

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