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Hows about this - Storage Cluster placement based on Custom Property

Has anyone come up with a way to do this... that even I could understand?!?

Here is the example I have:

I have 3 DR RTO Classes -

  • NoRecovery
  • 4-Hr
  • 24Hr.

These will translate to SDRS Clusters:

  • <Compute Cluster name>-NoRecovery
  • <Compute Cluster name>-4-Hr
  • <Compute Cluster name>-24Hr

I present the user with a dropdownlist in vRA that gives those options.

I want to know how I can take those options and feed that data to vCO (?) to use so that when the VM is provisioned, all of it's disks are placed on the matching datastore based on DR RTO Class.

Anyone done this? Have any ideas on how I might accomplish this?

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