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Edit SSO groups in VRA7


How do I  add users to groups in VRA7 (the sso part) I like to do this to enable specific users to administer vRO.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You have to:

1. Create a custom group in vRA.

2. Set group as a  vco administrators.

  - In case you are using external VRO. You can use vRO control center and set the admin group from "Configure Authentication Provider" section

  - In case you are using embedded VRA in VRA. You have e to make it manually.

    a) Make an ssh connection to VRA

    b) Navigate to /etc/vco/app-server and edit sso.properties file.

    c) Update the properties:

          com.vmware.o11n.sso.default.tenant =<tenant>

          com.vmware.o11n.sso.admin.group.name = <admin group name>

          com.vmware.o11n.sso.admin.group.domain = <domain>  // in case of custom group domain = tenant

     d) Restart vRo service -> service vco-server restart