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Display performance statistics for an individual vm or a group of vm's

In the ever growing list of things about vCAC which I am miffed that don't seem to be part of the interface is the ability to quickly display performance data similar to the charts we get in vCenter.  I believe we will be getting some sort of integration with VCOPS in the near future but I am still unclear on exactly what that is going to amount to.  I am hoping to get a demo of this integration relatively soon.  In the interim I am hoping to somehow be able to create a custom action which would launch a url to the vCenter web client and attach that to the individual vm's.  I have as part of our deployment granting read access to the vm within vCenter.  Does anyone know if there is a way to create an action that will, when selected, actually launch a tab in the users browser to that vm?  It is easy enough to get the url but I am not sure how I would kick up the web page.  The next best thing I could think of to do is populate a custom attribute with the url and instruct our users to cut and paste it themselves.

If anyone has figured out some way to do something that is relatively functional I would love to hear it.  It doesn't have to be exactly what I just described.

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