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Cannot install an Eval key to vRA 6.2.1 Appliance

I've been running a vRA 6.2 instance using a vCloud Suite Standard key that has no expiration, for the past month or so. I was recently given an evaluation key for vRealize Automation Advanced, but it expires in a couple of months. I have been able to add the eval license via the portal, without any problems. However when I try to add the key via the management site for the appliance, I receive an error that says: "Unable to downgrade existing license edition"

I suspect that this is related to the expiration of the eval key that I'm trying to enter. This wouldn't be a big deal, if could start setting up approval policies, but it seems that won't happen until I upgrade the key on the appliance. Also possibly related, I cannot add an active Eval Key for ITBM to the vRA appliance, nor am I able to connect ITBM to vRA. Not sure if this is related to licensing or not, though.

Is there anyway I can get this license installed on the appliance without tearing it down? This is for an in-house POC and I've already created a lot of blueprints and added multiple public/private endpoints. So if I could avoid recreating all of the work I've already done, that would be great. Any ideas? Screenshot attached.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Here are the steps-

  • On a running vcac instance copy the existing license keys from VAMI - https://VCAC:5480/#cafe.license
  • Stop vcac-server from the command line on the VA - /etc/init.d/vcac-server stop
  • Connect to the vcac postgres database and delete all the rows in the embeddedlicenseentry table. The command is 'delete from embeddedlicenseentry;'
  • Start vcac - /etc/init.d/vcac-server start
  • After complete startup, login to VAMI again and enter the valid license keys. Use the vcac suite key instead of the standalone key. If you had other products licensed, add those keys as well.
  • Services should function as normal

What's happening-

  • Deleting all information from the embeddedlicenseentry table resets licensinginformation.
  • On startup the instance is just like a brand new system with no licensing keys.