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Add a new public cloud as vender (similar to amazon AWS)


I am new to vCAC. I am doing R&D for a project where I need integrate (add as new vender) the X public cloud into vCAC 6.0 as a vender. The public cloud I have does supports all its operation top-end via REST APIs.

Based on going through different topics, as per my understanding I think I can achieve this in two different ways,

  1. Through vCAC vCO integration.
    1. In this approach I add vCO as my new endpoint for my public cloud, and then add different workflows to integrate to my public cloud.
  2. Second approach add new sub model.
    1. vCAC exposes its data model via ODATA.
    2. Extend ManagementModelEntities.svc and create MyPublicCloud_ ManagementModelEntities.svc

I looking for more details about second approach where I could create sub model similar to amazon cloud. Could anyone help in this!


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Hi SumeshKumarR,

it is probably a little bit more than just extending the ManagementModelEntites.svc
and plus the whole process on how to do that is -to say the least- not we
ll documented.

In my opinion, you would first have to determine how your cloud model differs from the standard models. Based on that you  have to define an agent that reports back to vCAC about the resources you have in your cloud. Maybe you have to extend the model but more likely only for the 'compute resource' part (or equivalent). The actual provisioning might be different, but maybe could can just use the normal CreateBasicVm provisioning workflow and skip the steps (might save you some time,instead of writing your own provisioning workflow). If you want to use vCO or not might only be a question of performance.

As everything at the IaaS layer is in .NET you can actually use somthing like Telerk JustDecompile and have a look at the implementation of AmazonAWS and the vCenter TestAgent. And you should certainly get an SDK Support Contract with a CDK license. There you get additional information.

Regards, Ronald

Ronald Rink d-fens GmbH

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for your reply.

I did lot of R&D to best of my knowledge to achieve the use case I described above, but all my analysis lead to no solution.

I see the extendibility vCAC is providing is only about extending the functionality supported for its existing vendor. As I described above if I want to add a new cloud similar to amazon I could not find any solution. I find there is tight integration with respect to adding new public cloud into vCAC.

To put is very simple, say for example, in vCAC I want to extent its support to add Microsoft azure assuming Microsoft azure exposes all its operation through public API. So, can I do this task with the extendibility feature in vCAC, so only VMWare vCAC internal team can do this as they have the source code with them. If I could do it could you please help me pointing where I can get information about it! I spend lot of time in finding the approach where I could NOT find any information related to this!


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