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ASD --> Resource Action takes a while to openup

Hi All,

I have added  ASD Resource action on a custom resource in VRA. When resource action is selected it takes a while to open up. It looks like findByIdBinding method on VRO getting executed multiple times. In my case 5 times( might be because dynamic type has 5 attributes). It does not makes sense why it would call 5 times.The form look the following..


Why "Fields" does not have anything available? I thought it should have attributes of dynamic type.

Since there were no fields. Added a text box and set the default value to the attribute.


Let me know if I am doing anything wrong.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


The fields in the form designer palette are mapped to the input parameters of the workflow that your building blueprint/resource action on. In the case of resource action, the input parameter you have selected to bind the resource too is removed. In your case it looks like your workflow has only one input of type DynamicTypes that you used to bind the resource to in the resource action, this is why the panel is empty.

If you want to show read only the values of the attribute of the DynamicType object, then you did it exactly the way it is designed to (as in https___communities.vmware.com_servlet_JiveServlet_downloadImage_2-2549691-54199_ResourceActionFormAddText.png)

About why the finder method is called multiple times it is beyond me. I may have to investigate deeper.