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ASD External Value "type Cannot be null" with Dynamic Type

I am provisioning a dynamic type through vRA and vRO. I set up a vRA Custom Resource that contains all the properties of the dynamic type as defined in vRO. Once the item is provisioned it has a property of "name". I have created a ASD Resource Action that has a text field that uses an external value (vRO action) as a default value. The Action has an input that is the dynamic type and an output of "string". In the external value "parameter inputs" field for my dynamic type i select the provisioned object that matches the dynamic type (the object im running the resource action against). The action selected simply says "return dynamicType.name;". the name property is a string.

When i attempt to run the resource action against my dynamic type it displays the error, "System exception". In the vRA application server catalina.out log i see the error, "type Cannot be null". Has anyone encountered this? I cannot get around it...

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