vRealizeAutomationPluginForITSM_PatchFix - LoginPatch

vRealizeAutomationPluginForITSM_PatchFix - LoginPatch

Patch-1 -Login Patch

Description -

i) Patch fix exclusively check for "vra_user" role.

   If user is having this role then only user redirection to vRA portal will happen for authentication and fetching entitlement.

   Users including admin who doesn't have "vra_user" role won't see any platform redirection from ServiceNow to vRA.

ii)Also commented below alert message popping up on ServiceNow screen before vRA redirection happens.

   alert('INFO : User needs to be in organization\'s intranet to access vRealize Automation from ServiceNow.')

How to apply patch-

i)Upload this xml file and commit using retrieve update set option from ServiceNow platform.

ii)No specific sequence to be followed while uploading and committing this patch fix with respect to other patches

Applies to-

vRealiseAutomation plugin for ITSM V3.0

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