V4.0 User Installation Guide[Configuring-the-vRealize-Automation-Plug-in-for-ServiceNow]

V4.0 User Installation Guide[Configuring-the-vRealize-Automation-Plug-in-for-ServiceNow]

User installation Guide for plugin V4.0(Certified plugin) and details on plugin V3.0 removal script


How is this plugin updated?  We are in the process of updating to ServiceNow's "London" release.  We are stopping our upgrade until we can get this plugin deployed since it seems that once we complete the upgrade we cannot deploy this plugin.  My understanding is that if we install while in Kingston, then upgrade we should be okay.  But with a twice a year update schedule with ServiceNow, will this plugin be supported long-term?  We would like to leverage ServiceNow's service catalog as the sole portal for all requests, including vRA.

Any comments would be appreciated!

HI BlueMike​,

The plugin should support newer version of servicenow but a round of testing should be done.

Is this per VMware or just a random guess that it should support London?  Last time I heard, London will be supported in v5 of the plugin.  VMware also promised a +3 month release schedule of the plugin after GA ServiceNow releases This plugin is only "community" supported; however, if an actual bug is causing issues with the product, VMware will open a ticket for you.  That's what I'm being told by VMware.

++ savina

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