Patch Fix for REST call error inside VRASNRequestUtil.getTemplateViaRest

Patch Fix for REST call error inside VRASNRequestUtil.getTemplateViaRest

Hi all,

We have found an error in ITSM V4.0 Certified Plugin where users are getting 401 error for REST call made to vRA platform.

This error occurs while submitting catalog item request from ServiceNow.

We have found the error in encrypted user token which was getting trimmed by ServiceNow OOB password(2 way encrypted) field to 255 characters only.

Patch fix is provided which need to be installed on top of full build(downloaded from ServiceNow store or VMware Marketplace)

Patch installation follows same procedure->Retrieve Update set->Preview and->Commit

patch fix for error-

REST call error found inside VRASNRequestUtil.getTemplateViaRest: Method failed: with code: 401 - Invalid username/password combo


I can confirm this patch worked for me and solved my authentication error using v4 of the plugin and Kingston.

The patch is fairly large.  My ServiceNow admin is concerned that it hasn't be validated by ServiceNow.  When she reviewed the patch, it modified quite a few items and she asked for complete patch notes for this XML file.  Is that something that is available?  Does this patch do anything besides address the 401 password combo error that is described and that we are seeing in our environment?


Hi BlueMike​ I have shared detailed info on patch 1.0 xml file over email

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