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I'm playing with the REST API of vCenter 7 (https://developer.vmware.com/apis/vsphere-automation/latest/vcenter/) to monitor the VSCA health status as well as some cluster stats.

While it's basically working with our monitoring solution I have some questions about the api key itself.

As far as I understand the api key has a specific lifetime. As long as requests are made with an api key the lifetime will be renewed so it basically could be used forever. Is it correct?

Is it possible to increase the lifetime of an api key (which seems to be a few minutes by default)? The reason I'm asking is that I don't find a way to request an api key by our monitoring solution if the api key expires (have to add it manually).



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VMware Employee

There is a {code} area of the Communities which covers SDKs/APIs, I've reported your post to the moderators who might move it there for the best audience.



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