Secondary NSX Manager implementation

We already have

(1) Primary NSX manager ( Integrated to Management Vcenter)

(2) Secondary NSX manager ( Integrated to VDI Vcenter)

the requirement is to implement another NSX manager and prepare the hosts cluster for new NSX manager because VM team has requirement create new Vcenter for some internal requirement.

I saw that We can have upto eight secondary NSX managers at one site and one Primary. All universal objects configured on primary will get synchronized to all secondary NSX managers.

Could you share me any document as procedure reference to implement additional secondary NSX manager.

I would like to know what all things We need to configure on secondary NSX manager

(1) VTEP Pool

(2) Segment ID

(3) IP pool for GI

(4) IP pool for McAfee Move

(5) Transport Zone- I saw that the existing one from primary can be leveraged

Thank you

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