MAC address conflict for the VM which is configure as new VM within vCloud director.

I do see a MAC address conflict for the VM which is configure as new VM  within vCloud director.

We are running on the following:

  • vCenter Server    : 5.5.0 Build 3142196
  • ESXi Server          : 5.5.0 Build 3116895
  • vCloud director  :

The process which I follow is below :

  1. Create a new VM in vSphere and attach the network label- dvPortGroup to the VM.
  2. The MAC address of the VM is automatic .
  3. Import the VM as template to vCloud director
  4. Install a VM within vApp using the template
  5. vSphere reports and MAC address conflict.
  6. The MAC address of the vcloud VM changes to manual .

Conclusion :

1.       Copying the VM to the vCloud director retains the NIC configuration (MAC address) as it creates a duplicate copy of the VM.

2.       While when we perform the move of the VM it retains the same configuration and vSphere is happy.

3.       When we deploy the VM from Template within vCloud director it retains the MAC address of the deployed VM if a NIC is present as it creates a duplicate copy of the VM.

To prevent duplicate MAC addresses within vCloud director below works:

Before we power on the deployed VM within vCloud director we should reset the MAC on the vCloud VM. But the Catalog VM will always has a MAC address conflict as it is a copy of the VM within vSphere. Best option will be to move the VM from vSphere to vCloud director and deploy the VM and make sure we reset the MAC and use the customize option.

Is this expected behavior ?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


This seems similar to vCD API recomposeVApp - adding VM creates MAC conflict alarm on vCenter

Looks like it is expected if Make Identical Copy is selected. Customizing the VM should resolve this issue.

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