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Please can some help with my vCenter 6.7 cluster HA that doesn't seem to be an issue with the configuration?  I have done the configuration per the documentation, however when I power down the Master host, the VM does not get powered off and on to the available host.  I'll appreciate any assistance as I am not sure what I am doing wrong or I am missing....thank you in advance.


Hi ASAJM...Thank you for your response but I think I need to add more clarity to the issue we are currently experiencing. So I have two esxi hosts with 6 physical adapters (2 for mgt network, 2 for storage traffic and 2 was setup for vMotion) with 3 virtual switches respectively.  I have a 5TB iSCSI datastore attached to each host and they are both configured to a cluster -> Datacenter -> vCenter (giving you a picture).  I have a VM on the Master host and when I power that host down (to test the HA), everything goes offline (can't reach the vCenter, etc).  Please I'll appreciate further help; anyone that has experienced this same issue?

Powering down an host will not test HA, as part of the power down procedure is to shutoff all vms, you need a host to be isolated from vcenter without shutting it off.  The best way and safest way I'm aware of is to pull all the network cables from the host, but some some google searches will give you some other ideas like this older vmware article

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