What is EVC (Enhanced vMotion Compatibility)

What is EVC (Enhanced vMotion Compatibility)

EVC is short for Enhanced vMotion Compatibility. EVC allows you to migrate virtual machines between different generations of CPUs.

EVC provide enhanced vMotion compatibility. With this feature in VMware vSphere virtualization, Virtual Machines(VMs) could be move between ESXi hosts on different CPUs. 

With EVC we could mix older and newer server generations in the same cluster and be able to migrate virtual machines with vMotion between these hosts. This makes adding new hardware into existing infrastructure easier and helps extend the value of existing hosts. With EVC, full cluster upgrades can be achieved with no virtual machine downtime. Also we could migrate virtual machines to new hosts and retire older hosts.

Some more EVC Feature

1. EVC would be support only CPUs from a single vendor in the cluster.

2. EVC could not allow AMD and Intel CPUs in same cluster.

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