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Dear all Expert,

I concern about VMware FT. in the document or vmware presentation, they said that using VMware FT to protect VM from downtime. so it means that there is no downtime if I am using FT feature.

but when I test in the real lab, there is one request time out. The step that I did is as same as the youtube link here: Demo of VMware's vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) - YouTube .

so could anyone explain me why it go through like this. why do the real practice is not correct as the document said.

and one more thing, if I use vmware FT to protect my VM, does my VM load balancing or not? I mean it will increase the bandwidth of my VM if it is protected by FT. because my VM is running in two separate host, so it should be increase the bandwidth. or it can not do that. ??????



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