Vmware ESXi recover .img backup


I'm really straight on the hose and hope a clever head couldhelp me.

A backup was created from a VMware ESXi server using dd. Result: (large) .img file.

I need to get this restored in order to save the .vmdk files. At the disposal I have dedicated Ubuntu 16.04.

First I just tried to mount it (got offset number using parted)

mount -o loop,ro,offset=123456 backup.img /mnt/root

Spits out the following error message:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'VMFS_volume_member

After that I came to vmfs-tools. Here, I can not mount an image (seems to work only with active disks, did not find anything via Google to get the image mounted).

Do you have an idea? In my despair, I've already try to do it using

dd if=backup.img of=/dev/sdX

Shoot me the Filesystem.

How else could I proceed?

Would be very grateful for any advice.

Best regards

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