VMDK file size bloated - unchanged after compact

VMDK file size bloated - unchanged after compact

I am trying to shrink down a bunch of VMs (Server 2012 R2) I have running on VMWare Workstation 10. Host environment is Windows 8.1 Pro.

The problem is despite using both the "Compact" function from within Workstation, or trying to use VMware-vdiskmanager -k <filename> (for "shrink" operation) the file sizes are completely unchanged. I have tried defragmenting and compacting each drive multiple times, the file sizes never change.

The machines all have a single hard disk (C:), details below:

  • DEV - C: = 58GB | VMDK = 84GB | Total Capacity 100GB
  • BI - C: = 32GB | VMDK = 58GB | Total Capacity 60GB
  • WF - C: = 11GB | VMDK = 29GB | Total Capacity 60GB
  • WAC - C: =  15GB | VMDK = 31GB | Total Capacity 60GB
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